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About the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence

Serving the professional development needs of Hampton Roads’ nonprofits

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The Academy for Nonprofit Excellence (ANE) offers course topics covering a broad spectrum of nonprofit management and leadership topics. Content is developed around practical application, thereby providing new skills and knowledge to increase effectiveness, build capacity, and enhance the mission of any nonprofit organization regardless of staff size or budget.
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Our instructors

ANE’s instructors are seasoned and experienced consultants and professionals from the nonprofit sector and related fields. The instructor lineup includes attorneys, accountants, IT professionals, lobbyists, communications experts, research scientists and web designers, as well as several published authors.
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Our partners

In 2005, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and Tidewater Community College partnered to develop a program to meet the professional development needs of staff, board members and volunteers working in the nonprofit sector. 

Through the Foundation's generous support, ANE has served over 1,200 professionals from more than 500 nonprofit organizations in the Hampton Roads area.

The Academy for Nonprofit Excellence is a proud Affiliate of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

The Academy for Nonprofit Excellence works with leading Hampton Roads organizations to serve the region's nonprofits.

Join more than 1200 nonprofit professionals who have benefitted from the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence’s programs.

Learn about our course offerings and the Certificate of Nonprofit Management.

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