Organizational Planning, Managing and Evaluation

6 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Crisis Communication Plan

December 6, 2017

Bad things happen to even good people and good organizations. Small nonprofits don't get a pass on crisis communication planning. Every organization should expect and prepare for the unexpected. 

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Organizational Identity

December 12, 2016

Every organization needs a clear sense of purpose that people inside and outside of it understand. People need a strong sense of belonging. Purpose and belonging are the two key ingredients of identity. Without purpose and belonging there is no true organization.

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The Facilitative Leader

December 12, 2016

We all want to be part of highly performing teams. Yet so many groups get mired down in chaos and never achieve their goals. How do leaders manage group processes and inspire members to soar to new levels?

Successful leaders benefit from having facilitation skills – whether they consider themselves bona fide facilitators or not. To facilitate means to “make easy” or “ease a process.” Facilitative leaders carefully and purposefully structure meetings such that members are engaged and work together to achieve desired results.

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Spring Has Sprung, It’s Time to Renew Your Nonprofit Organization!

November 23, 2016

The sun in shining brightly in my neighborhood this week and temperatures are gently creeping into the "warm" category. Early bulbs are beginning to peek up from the soil and birds are chirping as dawn breaks in the mornings.

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First, Do No Harm…Then Do More Good

November 22, 2016

For a nonprofit to provide the best services possible to its clients, it must measure its outcomes. This is easier said than done; frequently the entire culture of the organization must change to become more accepting of the regular collection of outcomes.

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