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12 Months of Content

November 22, 2016

The best way for you to manage marketing on a nonprofit budget is to create efficiencies and do as much pre-work as you can during slow months and moments. It is amazing the kinds of content you can dream up when you have a form to fill out.

At this link you will find a 12 month template to help you think about the kinds of content prompts you have.

Some ideas to start with:

  • Awareness Days
  • Birthdays
  • Historical Events
  • A Day in History
  • Impactful days in your nonprofit
  • National Day of ...

Get as creative as you can. Once you have your prompts start creating content, blog posts, ideas for infographics ahead of time. This makes your marketing more exciting and thoughtful and helps you generate content when you are too busy.

Sarah Milston is the owner of The Spark Mill in Richmond, Va.